Our Story

Nomad by Elroy is a luxurious line of home and beach essentials for the modern bohemian. The attention is on the textiles...artisan-made, handcrafted and traditional cloth that we journey to source and discover all over the world. The vibrant collection features gorgeous round blankets, textured pillows and effortlessly chic kimono cardigans. Eclectic pieces that tell a story in your home, on the beach, or on a daring adventure. 

These rare textiles are harder and harder to find these days, as younger generations prefer a more modern take on production and manufacturing. Without elders teaching their artistry to their younger family members, there is a serious reality that these materials may not exist in the next fifty years. Nomad supports independent craftsmen by bringing recognition to their extraordinary and time-honoured materials. This is the root and the soul of the brand - bringing you eclectic pieces that tell a story. Each fabric is hand-chosen by our designer from select villages and towns spanning the globe, such as Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, India and Guatemala, then made by hand in Canada.  

Let your home be a showcase of the distant regions you desire to go, or to bring you back to the special places you have already seen. To live and breathe a life full of beauty and awe.