About The Designer


My name is Leanne McElroy and I am the creative director, designer and Girl Boss behind NOMAD By Elroy. I travel extensively, hunting and gathering for the most interesting and beautiful traditional textiles across the globe. Using the materials as my muse, I design, hand cut and sew each piece into modern home and lifestyle essentials.

My journey began over 10 years ago with my brand Elroy Apparel - a collection of organic streetwear with a more basic and tailored silhouette. As time passed, and the more that I experienced different countries, cultures and artistic traditions, the more I felt the need to start creating something new. Focusing on the colours, patterns and stories that the more global textiles held, I found a whole new inspirational source. A few years ago I began a small capsule collection featuring the fabrics I had been collecting over the years - and NOMAD was officially born. The collection has now become my entire business and the selection grows as fast as I am able to source, cut and sew!

My inspiration is simple and will not surprise anyone - it is travel...all aspects of it. While travelling I am able to immerse myself into excitement, newness and the incredible unknown. And if you ever watch me walk through a village marketplace...you'll see my inspiration soar as I'm blown away by the unique skills held by local artisans around the world.