Creative ebb and flow


When was the last time that you completely lost yourself in your imagination? When life seemed full of infinite possibilities and exciting potential? You could be whomever or whatever you wanted, and logic was non existent? My guess is most people haven't really felt this way since their childhood, where we contemplate the idea that anything we want can actually happen. That type of free thinking imagination is an invaluable tool - not only to use in future problem solving strategies, but as an aid in remaining positive and avoiding any disruptive negative thought patterns.

As we become adults, most of us let our thinking get stuck in a rut, allowing our beliefs to become fixed and inflexible. 'Reality,' as it seems, puts us into a metaphorical straight-jacket. There are some lucky ones who find an outlet, be it through work or through hobbies, and their creative muscles can be flexed. Most people, unfortunately, are missing out on this opportunity.

It's time to wake up and access that light-hearted joy that comes from remembering one important truth - anything is possible. Below are some tips to help re-ignite your creative get you thinking a little differently, and most important, to have some fun.

-Take a familiar image/photo/painting etc. Turn it upside down. What kinds of details, shapes, patterns do you see now that you never noticed before?

-Think of someone you admire, real or fiction. Write down the characteristics of what it is that you love about them. Whenever you feel stuck in a problem, think to yourself, 'How would that person handle this situation?'

-Another way to look at a troublesome situation, is to look at it through the eyes of a 6 year old. Children tend to think refreshingly straightforward. All too often we overlook the obvious, simple solution and over complicate our thinking.

-Ever tried meditating? Regular practice is effective in relaxing us and getting both the logical and creative sides of the brain working in harmony. And you certainly do not need to spend hours on end doing this, or become a yogi to see the benefits. Try 5 minutes a day of classic awareness meditation. Sit with your eyes closed, and start to focus on your breathing. Notice the cool air being inhaled, and the soft, warm air as you exhale. See where your calmness and relaxation take you.