Inspired by...garbage?

 Artist and Central Saint Martins graduate Nick Gentry creates recycled art with obsolete media storage as his medium. After assembling canvases by puzzling together floppy disks with all kinds of different data, he paints portraits of over them. “The floppy disk stands firm and lives on as a metaphor for the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, mass production and the throwaway culture of today.”

I am loving his take on recycled art, to know you can take something so unusable, and bring it back to life, with more life than the object ever had in the first place.

This is a direction that Elroy is taking for the new Fall 2011 collection now being designed and sampled. Upcycling old fabrics, end of rolls and factory leftovers that are sitting...unused. Unloved. This allows us to remain on key with our sustainablity goal, putting use to material that otherwise is seen as garbage by big industry. I can't wait to give you guys a sneak peak at what is coming next! :)