Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

 So I heard this morning about the opportunity to write an article for the National Post - on being an entrepreneur. They are looking for about 500 words. Now I must say, that is a pretty broad subject, for me at least. So I am not really too sure on which direction to take this writing. Shall I hit 'em hard with all the difficulties, drawbacks, hardships, struggles and overall anxiety that running your own business can create? Or should I tug on the heartstrings by mentioning how grateful I am, how amazingly lucky I feel to be able to follow my dreams, to create and share those creations with the world. To be able to do this for myself, not for a paycheck, not to make someone else rich. That following my gut instincts, my passion has given me pure and utter freedom.

I've been at this (Elroy) for about 4 years now...and each day brings a multitude of challenges. No day is the same. Some good, some bad. But through even the roughest patches I am always aware of how I have made my life what it is today. No one else. I am surrounded by an amazing support system, and I would not be where I am today without them, but all in all, I've pushed myself to my limits and that is why I am sitting here today (in Indonesia of all places -- who would have ever guessed that??!!)

What direction do you think I should take this article