Bandung, Indonesia

Island of Java, Indonesia

I figure I would better explain where it is that the Elroy cooperative, and myself, are situated. We are in Bandung, in Western/Central Java. Located higher up in the mountains than Jakarta, Bandung has a bit cooler air and higher levels of rainfall. It's almost like clockwork most days...3pm hits and the thunder begins cracking. Tropical rain storms are much more sexy than the grey days in Vancouver! :)

Not much for a westerner to do here..its a good thing I am so busy with sampling and sourcing! There is some decent shopping here - outlet heaven in fact...but I won't be doing any of that until the final leg of my trip I'm sure. 


A happy Mount Merapi

If you have been reading/watching the news in the last week or so, then Indonesia has definitely been brought up. There have been eruptions of Mt. Merapi since the end of October. Numerous casualties, and tens of thousands of displaced villagers. 
An angry Mount Merapi
 The closest city to the volcano is Yogyakarta...a fair distance from Bandung. We are watching closely, the volcano doesn't seem to be finished yet. My heart goes out to all those families who are affected or displaced by this disaster. And to those who have lost their loved ones, I hope you find safety and peace.