So far


Well, I'm nearing 2 weeks almost - who knew. I've been busy working on patterns for the most part...oh those lovely paper patterns. There is a lot of grading to do before any spring production can begin, and I have taken upon myself to do it. Oy. And at the same time, I am working on new patterns for fall samples. So as you can imagine, my hotel room looks like a paper factory! I am drowning in it.

We have sourced some lovely new fabrics. There are some gorgeous silks, and we have found a great new wood has a similar stripe pattern to the Pineapple fabric that we have been using, but the wood is a softer likey.

I am trying to get my hands on a body form so that I can do more draping techniques. I prefer to drape and design at the same time - these paper patterns can become a little too one dimensional for me. It looks like we have to bring a mannequin in from Jakarta...there are none in town here.

Colour choices this season so far: Royal Blue, Gunmetal, Black, a touch of Gold. What other colours would you like to see??